Claims happen, and when they do, our team of knowledgeable professionals are here to help.  We are experts in handling claims and litigation involving Idaho's public entities.

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Any claim or request for payment for a loss, including lawsuits, Idaho Human Rights Commission (IHRC) complaints, and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaints that you receive by another person filing against your entity or a claim that you file with ICRMP, must be reported either online through the ICRMP website or by:

Have the person complete the Notice of Tort form, then submit it to ICRMP for handling. While this exact form is not required, claims must be in written form and meet the requirements outlined by the Idaho Tort Claims Act of which your entity is covered.  The claim can be mailed or hand-delivered to your clerk. Note: You may receive a claim for damage from an attorney representing an injured person. Do not be alarmed, though an attorney is involved, a suit has not yet been filed.

If they want you to pay for the injury, then yes.  Best practice is that if a member of the public is hurt on your premises, see that the injured person receives adequate first aid treatment.  If your employee has witnessed such an event and is assisting the injured party, you may want to keep track of the incident by completing a “MEMBER NOTICE OF POTENTIAL CLAIM” form and submit to ICRMP.

Upon receipt of a Summons and Complaint, call ICRMP immediately at (800) 336-1985 and email a copy of the document to We also recommend contacting your attorney at the same time. Time is of the essence. Responses to Summons and Complaint are required within 20 days of receipt by you or judgment can be entered against your entity without any other information. An ICRMP claims representative and an ICRMP-appointed attorney will contact you to guide you through the process.

  1. Report the claim: Agency reports a claim through to ICRMP via email or online.
  2. Claim Assignment: Claim is assigned to an experienced claims professional.
  3. First Contact Made: Our claims professional contacts you within 24 hours to get the facts surrounding the loss and schedules follow up steps, if necessary.
  4. Investigate: The claims professional inspects and documents damage, takes photos, interviews witnesses and reviews the policy terms.
  5. Resolution: ICRMP’s claims professional works with you to resolve your claim fairly and according to the terms of the policy.

“Unlike national carriers, ICRMP understands the idiosyncrasies and nuances of working with city and county government.”

Teresa Benner, Human Resources Director, City of Post Falls – Member Since 1992


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