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Whether you are training or simply communicating with your employees use, our Member Portal to streamline your tasks. Here are some features:

  • Training management - With our catalog of courses, you can customize your training program to fit your organization. In addition to delivering relevant and critical training, you manage and document all employee education.
  • Compliance management - This tool helps you create and monitor key compliance tasks, distribute your policies, and track acknowledgements. This ensures that your policies are known by all employees.
  • Communication management - Need to communicate with your employees? This tool makes it possible to easily distribute information by posting notices.
  • Risk management  - The risk management tool provides powerful risk identification and mitigation tools that can be used to evaluate your organizational culture, employment practices, safety practices and motor vehicle safety. This is where you will find sample policies, forms, and tips to use in your day-to-day activities.

“ICRMP is a partner who truly understands our operations.”

John Evans, Mayor, City of Garden City – Member Since 1994


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