Reporting a Claim

To report a claim, click the Submit A Claim button at the top of this page. If you cannot complete the claim online, please use our Member Claim Submission form. The most important information we need to determine the coverage that will apply is a general description of what happened (in your own words).

Any claim, including lawsuits, Idaho Human Rights Commission (IHRC) complaints, and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaints that you receive by another person filing a claim against your entity or a claim that you file with ICRMP must be reported either online through the ICRMP website or by:

Once the claim has been reviewed by the claims manager for assignment and coverage, claims personnel will start the investigation. We make every attempt to contact you within 24 hours after we have received the claim. If the claim involves a person filing a claim against your entity, we will also try to contact them within 24 hours. After the investigation is complete, the claims person handling your claim will contact you with a recommendation as to how the claim will be handled.

Yes. If someone is injured, other than an employee, on your premises, see that the injured person receives adequate first aid treatment. If your employee has witnessed such an event and is assisting the injured party, a "NOTICE OF TORT FOR DAMAGE OR INJURY" form is required to be completed by the injured person.

A tort is a civil wrong that results in damages or injuries. As a public entity, you fall under the Idaho Tort Claims Act, which defines what needs to be done to file a claim against a public entity. It also lists several protections for public entities in the event of a claim.

Please have the person complete the Notice of Tort form and submit it to ICRMP for review. People who want to file a claim against your entity don’t have to use this particular form; they can submit a claim to your entity on paper, but it must be in written form and meet the requirements outlined by the Idaho Tort Claims Act. The claim can be mailed or hand-delivered. Note: You may receive a claim for damage from an attorney representing an injured person. Do not be alarmed. Though an attorney is involved, a suit has not yet been filed.

Upon receipt of a Summons and Complaint, please call ICRMP immediately at (800) 336-1985 and email us a copy of the document at We also recommend contacting your attorney as soon as possible.

We must respond to a Summons and Complaint within 20 days or judgment can be entered against your entity without any other information. Notify those that have been served that an ICRMP claims representative and an ICRMP-appointed attorney will be contacting them soon. Provide all requested documentation to the claims representative and the attorney. The Defense Counsel will be selected by ICRMP. Remember: the attorney works for you but is paid by ICRMP.


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