Patti Bolen

Valley County Sheriff
Phone: 208-382-7150

Sheriff Bolen was recently re-elected as Valley County Sheriff for a fifth term. She has been sheriff of Valley County since 2005, and has been involved in law enforcement since 1974. Her leadership and experience has provided opportunities to serve in leadership positions in the Idaho Sheriffs’ Association, the National Sheriffs’ Association and the Western States Sheriffs’ Association. 

Represents sheriffs statewide.


Leslie Duncan

District I

Kootenai County Commissioner

Justin McLeod

District II

Lewis County Commissioner

Marc ReKow

District III

Gem County Commissioner

Don Hall

District IV

Twin Falls County Commissioner

Robert Swainston

District V

Franklin County Commissioner

Greg Shenton

District VI

Clark County Commissioner

Garret Nancolas

Region I

Mayor | City of Caldwell

Brian Blad

Region II - Vice Chair

Mayor | City of Pocatello

Patti Bolen

Sheriffs’ Representative

Sheriff | Valley County

Craig Rockwood

Special District Member - Chairman

President | Iona Cemetery Board