Reporting A Claim

How do I report a claim? Click on 'Submit Claim' at the top of this page. If you cannot complete the claim online, use an ICRMP 'MEMBER CLAIM SUBMISSION' form. The most important item we need is a general description of what happened, in your own words, in order to determine the coverage that will apply.

Printable Claims Forms:

Notice of Tort
Member Notice of Potential Claim
Member Claim Submission

Online Claim Submittal:

Online Member Claim Submission

Who do I report the claim to?

Any claim, including lawsuits, IHRC complaints, and EEOC complaints that you receive by another person filing a claim against your entity or a claim that you file with ICRMP must be reported either online through the ICRMP website or by:

What happens once ICRMP receives the claim?

Once the claim has been reviewed by the claims manager for assignment and coverage, claims personnel will start the investigation. We make every attempt to contact you within 24 hours after we have received the claim. If the claim involves a person filing a claim against your entity, we will also try to contact them within 24 hours. After the investigation is complete, the claims person handling your claim will contact you with a recommendation as to how the claim will be handled.

If a person is injured on our property, do they have to file a claim for damage?

Yes. If someone is injured, other than an employee, on your premises, by all means see that the injured person receives adequate first aid treatment. In these instances where an employee has witnessed such an event and is assisting the injured party, a "NOTICE OF TORT FOR DAMAGE OR INJURY" form is required to be completed by the injured person.